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Viva Nashville! DIY Gourmet Pasta Kit


If we have learned anything in the twenty plus years catering events in Nashville, it's that people love a Build Your Own Pasta station. They adore interactive tables where they pick their pastas, toppings, and sauces. 

With our Viva Nashville! Package you and your celebrity chef team with hack this DIY pasta station using our three gourmet pastas and chef prepared sauces. Chicken tenderloins and house made meatballs are included to enhance your creations, along with accoutrements to accessorize your both the pasta and salad. And there's more… a baguette and garlic butter! Still more…we top this off with New York Cheese Cake packaged with a Cherry Compote

We even give you your own restaurant style pasta baskets. Every chef should have one. 

Viva Nashville!

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