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Delivery / Pick Up Catering

21% Delivery fee will be applied to all delivery orders. Minimum delivery fee of $35.00.

* Denotes that Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

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Office & Casual Catering

All breakfast packages are a minimum order of 10

On the Go!

A delicious combination of morning favorites including muffins, scones, cream cheese & almond croissants, preserves & sweet butter served with a seasonal fruit tray and orange Juice / 6.99 per person (1 pastry per)

Oh So Continental!

A delicious combination of morning favorites including muffins, scones, cream cheese almond croissants, preserves & sweet butter served with a display of fresh fruit and seasonal berries & Chef's blend coffee & OJ / 11.29 per person

Traditional Tennessee Breakfast

Cheddar scrambles eggs, hash browns, crisp Applewood bacon, sausage links, and a fresh fruit tray. Choice of Biscuits & Gravy or Bagels & Pastries / 13.99 per person

The Cumberland Breakfast

Cheddar scrambled eggs and biscuits. Choice of crisp Applewood bacon or sausage links / 7.99 per person

Individual Fruit Parfaits

Diced fresh fruit, homemade granola, layered with vanilla yogurt / 43.99 per dozen

Fresh Fruit Tray

29.99 serves 12

Egg, Cheddar & Bacon Croissants

Fresh cooked egg, a slice of cheddar, and bacon served on a flaky butter croissant
individual 4.00 /48.00 per dozen


Turkey Sausage Links
Seasonal Overnight Oats
Seasonal French Toast Casserole

Frittata Buffet

Your choice of frittata (baked Italian omelet) and crisp Applewood bacon or sausage links, fresh fruit salad, assorted breakfast breads and fresh baked biscuits with butter and preserves / 14.99 per person

Frittata Selections -
Florentine -spinach, sauteed sweet onion & three kinds of cheese
Country Mixed Grill -bacon, country sausage & Black Forrest ham with three kinds of cheese.

Quick & Hearty!

Individual quiche, fresh fruit & Chef’s blend coffee or OJ
Choose either Bacon Artichoke, Florentine, or Ham & Swiss
6.99 per person (min. order 10 per variety)

Individual Quiche

Bacon artichoke, Florentine, or Ham & Swiss / 53.99 per dozen (min. 1 dozen per variety selected)

Berry-Berry Wraps

Strawberries & blueberries tossed with a cinnamon & balsamic vinaigrette, with homemade granola, drizzled with honey wrapped in a spinach tortilla, and sealed with cream cheese spread, cut into quarters / 26.99 per dozen

Assorted Pastries

Chef's choice selection of fresh baked pastries & muffins / 27.99 per dozen

Egg & Cheese Croissants

Fresh cooked egg and a slice of cheddar served on a flaky butter croissant
individual 3.00 / 36.00 per dozen

Egg, Cheddar & Sausage Croissants

Fresh cooked egg, a slice of cheddar, and sausage served on a flaky butter croissant
individual 4.00 / 48.00 per dozen


Office & Casual Catering

Have a special request? Please ask about our custom appetizer selections. 

Santa Fe Spinach con Queso with Housemade Chips

Our signature spinach con queso with Chef's Market's housemade tortilla chips
23.99 Serves 12-15 / 95.99 serves 50-60

1 bag of housemade tortilla chips/ 12
1 quart of Spinach Con Queso/12

Pimento Cheese & Artisan Toast Points

23.99 serves 10-12 / 119.95 serves 50-60

Caramelized Onion Dip with Housemade Chips

39.99 serves 10-12 / 194.99 serves 50-60

Corn and Avocado Dip with Tortilla Chips

49.99 serves 10-12 / 249.99 serves 50-60

Country Ham on Mini Beaten Biscuits

Cured country ham on a homemade beaten biscuit with raspberry honey mustard sauce
65.99 serves 10-12 (24 pieces) / 299.99
serves 50-60 (120 pieces)
served room temperature

Raspberry Pork Loin Rolls

Whole grain Dijon roasted pork loin thinly sliced and served on silver dollar rolls with raspberry honey mustard sauce
65.99 serves 10-12 (24 pieces) / 299.99
serves 50-60 (120 pieces)
served room temperature

Vegetable Crudité

Fresh crisp vegetables served with hummus & parmesan ranch
44.99 serves 10-12 / 209.99 serves 50-60

Fruit & Cheese Platter

Gourmet cheeses with seasonal fresh fruit & berries served with crackers & fruit dip
49.99 serves 10-12 / 209.99 serves 50-60

Tennessee Cheese Straw Chicken Tenders

Served with red pepper jelly
72.99 serves 10-to 12 (24 pieces) / 309.99
serves 50-60 (120 pieces)

Asian Chili Almond Shrimp Skewers

72.00 serves 10-12 (24 pieces) / 360.00
serves 50-60 (120 pieces)

Charcuterie Tray

Andouille Sausage, Smoked Prosciutto, Peppadew Peppers, Sweet Gherkins, Green Olives, Brie Wedges, Rosemary Crisps and Fig Preserves.
72.99 serves 10-12

Chef's Signature Wrap Quarter Tray

A tray of our select signature wrap sandwiches cut into appetizer size pieces
49.99 serves 10-12 (24 pieces) / 239.99
serves 50-60 (120 pieces)

Artichoke Cheddar Dip with Pita Chips

39.99 serves 10-12 / 195.99 serves 50-60

Green Goddess Dip with Housemade Chips

31.99 serves 10-12 / 159.99 serves 50-60

Hummus Among Us

Choose 2 of the following flavors:

Red Pepper

Served with pita chips

49.99 serves 10-12 / 244.99 serves 50-60

Chicken Pesto Sliders

Marinated chicken medallions with tomato bruschetta and shaved parmesan cheese, served on a silver dollar roll
65.99 serves 10-12 (24 pieces) / 299.99
serves 50-60 (120 pieces)

Candied Bacon Angus Slider

Mini black Angus burgers with melted Gruyere cheese, candied bacon, and caramelized onions
Chipotle ketchup on the side
65.99 serves 10-12 (24 pieces) / 299.99
serves 50-60 (120 pieces)
served warm

East Nashville Sliders

100% Angus beef with jalapeno pimento cheese
Chipotle ketchup on the side
65.99 serves 10-12 (24 pieces) / 299.99
serves 50-60 (120 pieces)
served warm

Seasonal Fruit Tray

Gourmet cheeses with seasonal fresh fruit & berries served with crackers & fruit dip
49.99 serves 10-12 / 209.99 serves 50-60

Sesame Chicken Tenders

Served with an Asian plum sauce
69.99 serves 10-to 12 (24 pieces) / 329.99
serves 50-60 (120 pieces)

Black Forest Ham Scones

Thick cut ham served on a cheddar chive scone with raspberry honey mustard sauce
65.99 serves 10-12 (24 pieces) / 299.99
serves 50-60 (120 pieces)

Grazing Table Box

Gourmet smoked meats and curated cheeses displayed with various pickles and condiments
79.99 serves 4-6

Market Salad Selections

Office & Casual Catering

Market Salad Trio:
Choose three

11.99 per person

Individual portions:

1/2 Pint / 3.99
Pint / 7.99

Small mongo bowl serves 10-12 / 36.99
Medium mongo bowl serves 26-30/ 88.99


Grapes, orange, coconut, marshmallow and pecans, tossed with a non-dairy whipped cream

Fresh Fruit Salad

Fresh honeydews, cantaloupes, red grapes, pineapple and strawberries are diced daily to ensure the freshest fruit salad

Old Fashioned Chicken Salad

Diced chicken breast tossed with fresh green peppers, celery, pickles, pecans, red grapes and mayo

Curry Chicken Salad

Diced chicken breast tossed with Greek yogurt, mayo, currents, celery, onion and pine nuts, tossed with Major Grey's Chutney sauce

Smoked Mexican Chicken Salad

Smoked chicken breast diced and blended with jicama, tomatillos, fresh cilantro and an exotic salsa, tossed with a chipotle sauce

Basil Lemon Tuna Salad

Albacore tuna, Roma tomatoes, scallions, red onions, and lemon zest, mixed together with a fresh basil mayonnaise

Black Bean Salad

Black beans, green lentil, red and green onion, carrots, cilantro, parsley, mayo, Cayanne pepper, salt and canola oil


Bulgar wheat, parsley, tomato, cucumber, red onion, mint, sea salt, pepper and olive oil

Berry Berry Good Salad (Seasonal)

Juicy strawberries and blueberries tossed in a cinnamon balsamic dressing

Italian Pasta Salad

Garden penne pasta blended with diced Roma tomatoes, red peppers, broccoli, salami and a blend of three kinds of cheese, mixed with a light olive oil Italian vinaigrette & fresh snipped basil

Five Grain Salad

Brown rice, quinoa, wild rice, bulgar wheat, couscous, celery, red onion, tomato, current, pecan tamari, olive oil, sea salt, pepper and brown sugar

Wild Rice and Orzo Salad

With dried cranberries, toasted almonds, corn, currants, diced onions, red and yellow peppers, tossed lightly in balsamic vinaigrette

Scarlet Quinoa

Quinoa, beets, scallions, red onion and dried cranberry

Cucumber, Tomato & Onion Salad

Cucumber, tomato and red onion, tossed in an Italian dressing

Broccoli Cheddar Salad

Broccoli, craisins, spiced pecans, cheddar cheese, tossed in ranch dressing

Jicama Coleslaw

Jicama, cilantro, green & red pepper, with a honey dressing

Corn and Avocado Salad (Seasonal)

Yellow shoe peg corn and ripe avocado tossed with cilantro lime vinaigrette and garnished with grape tomatoes

Leafy Salad Selections

Office & Casual Catering
Individual portion / 3.99
Entree portion / 10.49

Small mongo bowl serves 5-6 / 18.99
Medium mongo bowl serves 10-12/ 36.99
Large mongo bowl serves 26-30/88.99

Dressing Options: 
Sesame Seed Vinaigrette | Ranch | Balsamic Vinaigrette | Rasberry Vinaigrette | Artichoke Vinaigrette | Spicy Pecan Vinaigrette | Avocado Vinaigrette 

Pick a bread option between:
Butter roll
Parmesan Herb roll
Sweet Chili Cornbread

Café Salad

Mixed Greens, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Cheddar & Parmesan Cheese, House Made Croutons and Traditional Ranch Dressing

Alpine Avocado

Baby Greens, Avocado, Oranges, Goat Cheese, Pistachios, served with Avocado Vinaigrette

Southwest Salad


Chopped romaine lettuce, topped with our Corn & Avocado Market Salad, served with a classic ranch dressing and tortilla strips

Greek Salad

Fresh romaine lettuce, feta cheese, artichokes, Kalamata olives, plum tomatoes with an artichoke vinaigrette

Club Med Salad

Gourmet baby greens topped with fresh strawberries, goat cheese & toasted pine nuts. Served with sesame seed vinaigrette

Apple Joe Salad

Gourmet baby greens topped with grapes, bleu cheese, spicy pecans, and red delicious apples, served with a spicy pecan vinaigrette

Caesar Salad

Crisp romaine lettuce, buttery garlic croutons and Parmesan cheese with a classic Caesar dressing


Baby Spinach, Quinoa, Bulgur, Couscous, Onion, Red Pepper, Blueberry & Avocado, Parsley, Pecans, Wild Rice with Agave Herb Vinaigrette

Wraps & Sandwiches

Chef's Market Wrap or Sandwich Feast: Choice of wraps or sandwiches & choice of salad, Chef's homemade tortilla chips & spinach con queso, gourmet dessert bar tray - Half wrap/sandwich $11.99 per person
Full wrap/sandwich $13.99 per person.
Value Wrap Feast: Full wrap assortment of ham, turkey, old fashioned chicken salad & veggie Chef's chips & a gourmet cookie tray $9.99 per person.
Create-Your-Own-Sandwich Buffet: Each deli buffet comes with a choice of three meats: salami, roasted top round beef, Black Forest ham, roasted turkey breast, old fashioned chicken salad, smoked Mexican chicken salad, or basil lemon tuna salad. Also served with assorted fresh sliced breads, cheese & condiment tray and Chef's homemade tortilla chips $11.49 per person
Boxed Lunch Selections: These boxed lunches will please your schedule and your wallet!
Sandwich or wrap boxed lunch served with Chef's homemade tortilla chips, choice of salad and sweet treat - Half wrap/sandwich $10.99 per person
Full wrap/sandwich $12.99 per person.
Grab & Go Value Boxed Lunch: Full sandwich or wrap, potato chips & sweet treat $8.99 per person.

Classic Club

Smoked turkey, black forest ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, Swiss and cheddar cheese with Dijon mayonnaise

Roasted Beef & Cheddar

Shaved roast beef with cheddar cheese, lettuce, red onion, and horseradish créme fraiche

Old-Fashioned Chicken Salad

Diced chicken breast tossed with fresh greens peppers, celery, pickles, pecans, red grapes, with lettuce and tomato

Curried Chicken Salad

Curried chicken salad, with currants, pine nuts, granny smith sliced apples and crisp lettuce

Ham, Cheddar & Asparagus

Black Forest Ham, cheddar cheese, asparagus, baby greens, tomatoes, pine nuts & rosemary Dijon

Ham and Swiss

Black Forrest Ham, Swiss cheese, crisp lettuce, tomatoes, & rosemary Dijon

Turkey, Avocado, & Swiss

Smoked turkey, avocado, Swiss cheese, romaine lettuce, and tomato

Turkey, Bacon & Pepperjack

Smoked turkey, bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato and pepperjack cheese

Grilled Chicken Caesar

Grilled chicken breast, romaine lettuce & Parmesan cheese tossed in a classic Caesar dressing

Italian Deli

Mortadella, salami, cappicola, mozzarella, romaine, basil mayo, and sweet cherry peppers

Basil Lemon Tuna Salad

Albacore tuna, Roma tomatoes, scallions, red onions, jicama coleslaw, baby greens, and lemon zest mixed together with a fresh basil mayonnaise

The Colorado

Smoked Mexican chicken salad, jicama coleslaw & baby greens in a sundried tomato tortilla (wrap only)

The California

Edamame, water chestnuts, red & yellow peppers, snow peas, bok choy, sunflower seeds & mandarin oranges with an Asian vinaigrette (wrap only)

Veggie Lovers

Seasonal vegetables seared with Basil Balsamic Vinaigrette, baby greens, sliced tomato & provolone

The Scuttlebutt

Provolone, avocado, cucumber, tomato mixed greens and basil mayo

Chef's Signature Half Wrap Platter

A tray of our select signature wrap sandwiches cut into half size pieces 59.99 serves 10-12 (24 pieces) / 299.99 serves 50-60 (120 pieces)

Gourmet Comfort Meals

Gourmet Comfort Meals are served hot, hearty, and delicious! Choice of one Entrée, two Accompaniments & served with assorted homemade rolls & butter. 

All Gourmet Comfort Meals are a minimum order of 10 per entree selection. 

Vegan Entrees can be served as individual meals. 

Chef's Hot Chicken Salad


Diced chicken breast baked with almonds, celery, and a creamy cheddar cheese sauce topped with cheddar cheese, served with homemade tortilla strips.

New England Style Pot Roast


A tender beef round roasted and garnished with carrots and celery with a demi-glace.

Jerusalem Chicken


Airline chicken breast marinated with herbs, white wine and olive oil, then slow roasted with olives, capers, & prunes

Calypso Roasted Pork Loin


Island marinated, slow roasted pork loin presented with pineapple mango & tropical fruit salsa and served on a bed of wild rice pilaf

Salmon Filet


Fresh, never frozen, seared salmon
Choice of topping:
-Cajun seasoning with a Crawfish Julie sauce
-Lemon dill caper sauce
-Bourbon Glaze

Cauliflower Steak


Cauliflower streak with a toasted walnut lemon caper pesto, seasoned with herbs
(vegan - gluten free)

Grilled Vegetable Moussaka


Layered eggplant, summer squash, and zucchini, baked together with Parmesan cheese topped with a roasted red pepper
(vegetarian - gluten free)

Herb Grilled Chicken


Succulent airline chicken breast marinated in olive oil, herbs, shallots and garlic then grilled and served with a herbed white wine cream sauce

Honey Butter Chicken


Two large buttermilk marinated chicken tenders dredged in our house spiced flour, fried until golden brown and tossed with a decadent honey butter sauce

Artichoke Chicken


Seared airline chicken breast served in a white wine reduction with artichokes, capers, lemon and fresh herbs

Meat Lasagna


Ground beef chuck and Italian sausage seasoned with fresh Mediterranean herbs packed in between sheets of lasagna pasta, marinara and our three cheese blend of parmesan, mozzarella and ricotta



Hearty American classic made with ground chuck, pepperjack cheese & our savory spice blend

Grilled Marinated Eggplant Steak


Marinated with extra virgin olive oil, topped with bruschetta and a balsamic drizzle
(vegan - gluten free)

Pepper Jack Chicken Pasta


Diced chicken breast and penne pasta tossed with a pepper jack cream sauce, oh so good with a slight kick! 
without chicken / 9.99

*Pasta Dishes come with bread, but do not include sides. 


Roasted Rosemary Potatoes

Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Southern Green Beans

Seasonal Vegetables

Buttered Corn

Vegetable Casserole

Bread Options

Butter Roll
Parmesan Herb Roll 
Sweet Chili Corn Bread
Garlic Bread 

Wild Rice Pilaf

Sweet Potato Casserole

Green Beans Amandine

Turnip Greens

Parisian Glazed Carrots

Creamed Spinach

Choice of Market or Leafy Salad


Dessert Bar Tray Sampler


A luscious variety of petite dessert bars & chocolate truffles. (2 pieces per person)

Cookie Tray


Gourmet cookie assortment . (2 cookies per person)

Fruit Tarts


Bite-size white chocolate tart shells filled with creme brulee, fresh fruit and topped with a silky apricot glaze

Minimum of 24 per order

White Chocolate Banana Pudding


A Southern classic made extra special with white chocolate

Small Mongo Bowl Serves 10-12 / 36.99
Medium Mongo Bowl Serves 20-24 / 74.00

Truffle Tray


An assortment of our scrumptious cake truffles. (2 pieces per person)

Whoopie Pies


Sweet Potato, Chocolate Carmel & Sea Salt, Strawberries & Cream, Red Velvet, Chocolate

Jack Daniel's and Key Lime / 3.00 per person

Minimum of 24 of one flavor per order 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Peanut Butter Truffles


An assortment of our scrumptious cake truffles (2 pieces per person)

Minimum of 24 per order

Whole Cakes

Chocolate Elvis, German Chocolate, Strawberries & Cream, Lemon Curd, Key Lime, NY Cheesecake, Turtle Cheesecake & Flourless Chocolate Cake
Whole 55.00 / 5.49 per slice

Ultimate Chocolate, Hummingbird, Irish Cream & Caramel Cake
Whole 60.00 / 5.99 per slice

Seasonal: Pina Colada, Coconut & Red Velvet $55 / Champagne $85


All cold beverages come with cups and ice where appropriate.


Fresh Brewed Chef's blend, locally roasted served with sweeteners and cream.
Small coffee serves 10-12 cups $19.99
Medium Cambro serves 30-35 cups $49.99

Orange Juice


Per Gallon

Commanders Brunch Punch


Pineapple, orange & a hint of coconut. Per Gallon

Chef's Tango Mint Fruit Tea


A delightful sweet blend of pineapple, orange & mint in a decaffeinated tea. Per Gallon

Served hot or cold 

Bottled Water


Mexican Coke Bottle


Hot Tea


Comes with Hot Water, Honey, Lemon and Assorted Teabags
serves 10-12 cups



Sweetened or Unsweetened. Per Gallon



Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite. Canned

Bottled Juices




Classic, Strawberry, or Mango. Per Gallon

**NEW** Ambient Bento Boxes

Ambient Bento Boxes
Our Ambient Bento Box Series offers our tastiest fare, Chef-prepared and packed with everything you need for a multi-course meal. This set of spirited options are served at ambient temperature with the freshest ingredients and vibrant garnishes. They are designed with quality seasonal menu items and guaranteed to delight your guests. Order them for the office squad, serve them ar a party or reception as a contact-free offering, or to simply say thank you to your favorite client. Packaged in an Eco-Friendly Box, our fresh, handcrafted fare is made for a quick grab-and-go but is hearty and impressive enough to enjoy a celebratory dinner.

To learn more, click here